Save Soho was created on December 1st 2014 by local Soho singer songwriter Tim Arnold and actor Stephen Fry after the closure and repossession of world renown club Madame Jojo’s.  Under's their instigation, a coalition of performers, residents and politicians came together out of concern for the future of Soho's historic role as a national platform for the performing arts.

Save Soho's aim is to protect and nurture the future of performing arts venues in Soho.

Save Soho is reaching out to to the landowners, so that we can offer them the rich experience of all our supporters in the entertainment industry to advise on future plans.  Together, we can safeguard the future of the performing arts in Soho.

"Save Soho is not about shrieking at landowners or trying to shame them or anything of that nature.  Save Soho is really hoping to be given a small consultational part in their plans." Stephen Fry, Chairman of Save Soho

"Soho has always depended on building around and adding to what has gone before, not by replacing it." Tim Arnold, Founder of Save Soho

Keeping Soho inclusive, not exclusive. 

Save Soho is an indpendent group with no affiliations to other Soho groups or organisations.

Fry and Arnold
Stephen Fry and Tim Arnold, December 2014