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  1. Hello. I am business journalist at the Evening Standard.
    I am writing a business interview on John James, MD at Soho Estates.

    I am seeking comments from people who know John, or like / dislike what Soho Estates have done in the area.
    Am hoping we could please get a quote from Stephen Fry to include in the interview:

    *How have you got to know/meet John and what are your impressions of him? Straight talking/honest/takes no nonsense etc?

    *What do you think Soho Estates have done well? What do you think they have not done well?

    Any comments via email would be much appreciated by Monday morning if you can help please? Kind Regards, Jo Bourke. Evening Standard business reporter

  2. Hi There

    We have just opened a traditional Cafe at 16 Manette Street.

    We are trying to keep this London tradition going . Our artwork on the walls pays homage to old school Soho and its amazing creativeness.

    The people behind the renovation include musicians based in Soho and other creative influences and a property developer who has been renovating buildings in the West End for over 30 years. This has been a labour of love for all involved who have slowly seen the soul of Soho and its vibrancy and individuality being replaced by huge companies who don’t care about the history of Soho and The West End of London.

    We would like to invite you to visit our premises and hold your next Committee meeting here.

    My mobile number is 07999 285522

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