The Reservation – Club Night


Save Soho’s Tim Arnold has launched a Soho pop up venue.  The Reservation is a Save Soho initiative to return Soho to it’s ‘inclusive’ roots by designating a special space in Soho for emerging music artists to perform, and where fans of ALL income groups can afford to hear new live music.   This is a response to recent closure of music venues in and around Soho.

The Reservation was created in order to make a special ‘Reservation’ site for what has recently become an endangered species in Soho, i.e. emerging music artists and their fans.  Our goal is to inject emerging music talent back into Soho to continue the tradition of Soho being a platform for these special artists, as it has been for over half a century.  With thanks to select private member clubs, The Reservation is now Soho’s first ‘pop up music venue’.

The proceeds from all ticket sales will go directly to the artists performing as well as funding Save Soho.  Follow us @ResvSoho and please LIKE us on Facebook!

The Reservation at Union - July 31st 2015A

The Reservation at Blacks - April




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