One thought on “BBC London – Save Soho”

  1. I first went to Soho in 1960 when I was 13, I went to the 2I’s, Heaven & Hell and all the other 1960’s frothy coffee shops. When I left school in 1963 I worked in a music publishers in Dean Street. Bought my first decent guitar (Fender) in Charing Cross Road. Played in 1960’s bands in Flamingo, Marquee, Scene, 100 Club and many others.
    Later became a London Taxi Driver and lived my whole life in and out of the streets of SOHO.
    After Crossrail is finished we Londoners should be given our dear old SOHO back.
    Please let it happen soon, I haven’t driven through SOHO since the work started, and hope to be able to drive through before I retire or die.

    Paul Kenealy
    cab driver of this parish

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