3 thoughts on “Evening Standard – Save Soho”

  1. I have worked in soho for 14 years having done the whole City thing and there is no comparison.

    The blend of business, social, tourism and freedom of expression makes it a totally unique place and I for one would not wish to work anywhere else.

    Soho needs to keep it’s authenticity.

    Love Soho for the fun, vibrant buzz that it is.

    I run a successful business in Soho, but I could base it anywhere however my people love being in the most exciting area in the whole of London and who can blame them.

    Kevin Cruickshank

  2. The venture capitalists are taking over the iconic places in London’s Soho and West End. Tin Pan Alley like the Curzon cinema are earmarked by the money boys in suits who could not care less about tradition and culture. Making big bucks is all they care about and social cleansing is their aim with the global rich moving in to buy up the iconic place for central London property profits.

  3. Soho is the uncensored heart and soul of London .. The traditional hotbed of creativity .. Never before in soho’s history has it’s existence seemed do fragile .. The developers are turning london into a playground for the weathly .. A Singapore shopping mall without character or history.. We need to save soho.. We need to save the heart of London..!

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