3 thoughts on “It’s Not Too Late to Stop the Gentrification of Soho”

  1. I have worked in Soho for 34 years . Every city should have its dark underbelly where creatures of the night gather to play , plot and preach . Where the idealised elegance of bad behaviour by artistic people will be written about in years to come and you can still get to the fishmongers , butchers , hardware shops in between French lessons and modelling assignments. I never thought we would get to a point where St Anne’s Court would be home to a Good Housekeeping Cookery School and the raciest thing you can find in Brewer Street is a cycling shop. Dan Farson et al where are we when we need you ?

  2. London is the greatest city in the world because of its variety.
    Gentrifying Soho would obliviate a whole genre of life and
    activity and would reduce the quality of London.

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