Save Soho December Statement

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Well, we finally got a response from Boris, and all of us at Save Soho view this as a very positive step in the right direction for keeping Soho inclusive, not exclusive.

This is what Madame Jojo’s has always stood for: Inclusivity – for performers and customers alike. Whatever happens with the existing premises, it will be our focus to liaise with Soho Estates to make sure the future of Madame Jojo’s STAYS inclusive.

Because of your support, we have now been given a place on Westminster Council’s ‘Soho Steering Group’. Please try to remember, there are no quick fixes to the many concerns about Soho’s future.  Communication is KEY.  And that is what this first ’round’ has been all about. There was no communication between the entertainment community and the landowners before.

There is now.

Thanks to every single one of you, the concerns of performers are now being heard. Once we get into the new year, we will be able to begin an actual conversation with Soho Estates and other important landowners in the area.   And with the full support of the mayor and Westminster Council, we can see no reason why we can’t all work together for the benefit of every person from every walk of life who visits Soho in the future.

We look forward to Save Soho’s next chapter.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

On behalf of the committee

Tim Arnold

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