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The Curzon Cinema and CrossRail 2

On the 11th March this year Transport for London held a consultation meeting at St Patrick’s church about the proposed Crossrail 2 project. In attendance at this meeting were prominent members of the Soho community, The Soho Society and Save Soho. Managing director of CrossRail 2 Michelle Dix hosted the meeting.

After our protestations, Miss Dix assured us that contrary to earlier statements by TFL, the ‘green’ of Soho Square was no longer going to be used as a work depot (something that would have rendered the square unusable to the general public for 10-12 years). So far so good.

Miss Dix also stated that the plans for CrossRail 2 would potentially mean construction of an ‘access point’ at the Shaftesbury Avenue end of Frith and Dean Street, therefore resulting in the demolition of The Curzon Cinema and that the decision on this matter after the initial consulting process would be readdressed this autumn in a second consultation meeting.

At that first meeting, the plans had not been approved and the general consensus from Save Soho was that TFL should search for another location to be utilized as an access point. It was our view that it would be reasonable for TFL to find a location that did not mean the removal, closure or demolition of an affordable, culturally valuable destination like The Curzon Cinema.

In our efforts to protect the future of performing arts venues in London’s Soho, this is now a critical issue that Miss Dix and her team from TFL will be addressing with us and other members of the Soho community at 6.30pm on Tuesday 22nd September at The Bloomsbury Baptist Church at 235 Shaftesbury Avenue. This meeting is by invitation only.

In addition to it being a global destination and an important art house cinema where emerging film-makers are able to showcase their work (as well as established film makers such as Mike Leigh who holds regular screenings and Q & A sessions at the venue), The Curzon is also a local cinema for the residents and workers who make up the greater Soho community.

We ask for your support in making the decision of the TFL work for all parties. For those who recognize ‘growth’ in London and the need for more transport, as well as the need for keeping Soho’s performing arts venues thriving in the future, as they have done throughout Soho’s history.

How can you have YOUR say?


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On behalf of lovers of film, community and Soho

Tim Arnold  – Founder of Save Soho

Stephen Fry – Chairman of Save Soho
Benedict Cumberbatch – Founder Member
Colin Vaines – Founder Member
Guy Hamilton – Founder Member

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