Don’t Railroad Soho: Save Soho from the CrossRail 2 Scheme
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A message from Stephen Fry:

The future of Soho could change dramatically this coming June when we anticipate the transport minister announcing the approval of CrossRail 2. It will allow the demolition of two blocks for a new train station that will bring double the footfall of Kings Cross Underground into and around Soho.

That’s 270 thousand people every three hour peak right on the corner of Frith Street and Shaftesbury Avenue. We do not oppose CrossRail 2. However, we oppose any decision to include Soho in the scheme. I have supported the Save Soho movement since it began and have assisted Tim Arnold and the Save Soho group whenever possible. Please join us by signing this petition for yours and our Soho.

Stephen Fry – chairman of Save Soho

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